Q: Do you get paid to blog?
A: No. I have multiple jobs and blogging is my hobby. All clothing and products discussed or shown in this blog are purchased by me unless otherwise noted. If someone wanted to send me free stuff that would be totally awesome, but I promise to only ever give my honest opinion.

Q: You seem familiar, don't you have another blog? 
A: Yes! You can find my other blog HERE, it is called Anybody Can Do Anything 


Q: Do you work for Stitch Fix?
A: At the time of publishing the Stitch Fix reviews I did work for Stitch Fix, although I no longer do.

Q: Does that mean this is a Stitch Fix blog?
B: No. All opinions, statements, pictures, etc. posted on this blog are my own (unless otherwise stated) and do not reflect those of Stitch Fix.

Q: Did you get your clothes from Stitch Fix for free in exchange for reviewing them?
A: No. I have received discount as an employee of Stitch Fix, but all clothing is purchased with my own money (outside of credits from referrals, see below)

Q: Do you make money if I sign up for Stitch Fix using a link from you Blog?
A: In a way, Yes. For every person who signs up using my link and then gets a Fix, I receive $25 in Stitch Fix credit, like a gift card. I am not paid in cash.

If you would like to sign up for Stitch Fix using my referral code, you can do so HERE or by clicking on the relevant link in any blog post about Stitch Fix.

If you have any more questions about Stitch Fix, please feel free to email the AMAZING customer service folks (seriously I love these people) at or visit their F.A.Q. page HERE.

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